Unveiling the World's Hidden Gems

Traveling can be a brutality to humanity. We only see the world as it is, and not what we imagine it to be. Traveling also allows our imagination to run wild. We can see things in a new light, without the prejudice of the rest of the planet. Even though all of this may seem like a good reason to travel to some, others are still naive.

While many people wander and wonder, others are out there exploring the world, enjoying all it has to give them. After all, it is during that brief moment of youthfulness that we truly experience life.

Now, the question remains: “Why Should I Travel Early”? I can tell you a 100, or even 1,000 reasons why it’s important to travel when you’re younger, but if the desire to see the whole world is based on your “Wish to See the World”, I’m afraid I won’t be able to convince you to do so.

Traveling, while it may be a way of relaxing, is also an obligation, a profession for some. But, ultimately, it is your responsibility. A responsibility that you should be willing and able to take on yourself. Many people believe that the young have the opportunity to travel the globe because they have the wealth and health to do so. But what they fail to realize is that many of them are distracted, deceived, and even deluded.

If you’re young and want to discover the best places in the world and learn the most important lessons of life, but are afraid of making it happen, please read on. I might be able to convince you to travel now, while you still possess the gift of youth.

  1. Traveling can teach you an adventurous spirit. I’m not going to quote myself, but from personal experience, traveling lets you have as much fun and excitement as you want. You don’t need to worry about what people will think of you. You are not influenced by your parents or peers, so you can live a wild, free life. Traveling is an adventure that lets you experience this.
  2. Traveling teaches one to be compassionate. Aside from the photos and souvenirs that you take home, you also learn about the reality of the situation and are taught to care for those who are different.
  3. Traveling allows for cultural diversity. If you believe that traveling is about sight-seeing, and marveling in the wonders of each country, you are correct. Traveling also teaches you something more valuable, which is how to be culturally different. We should always adhere to the local practices in the country/destination where we are traveling. As the saying goes, “Respect breeds Respect”. If we respect and even learn to appreciate the culture other nationalities, then we become more aware about our own. This is the mutual benefit of traveling.
  4. Traveling increases your attractiveness. It is said that the most attractive individuals in the world are the ones who have seen the world. Do you agree? Do you agree? I do.
  5. Traveling when you’re young will allow you to travel more. Let us face it, we are all going to age and become unhealthy. When we’re young, and at the height of our abilities, it’s the best time to travel. After all you can only ride the rapids or hike the mountain until you’re 30.
  6. Traveling is a great way to make friends. If you tend to be surrounded by the same people in your hometown and you want to see them more often, you might consider traveling more. Traveling is one of the most effective ways to make new friends and form bonds. You were all strangers once, but now you are all bound by your desire to see the whole world. Wouldn’t it be cool to have friends from all over the globe? This would be so much cooler than having friends back home.
  7. Traveling helps you become a better writer. You might not see this now, however you will in the future when you have grandchildren or children. Traveling when you are young allows you to experience the best of traveling. The many countries you’ve traveled to and the ones you’ll visit are waiting for a story. Traveling provides you with many stories to tell at breakfast or lunch. When you travel, it will be easy to come up with topics to talk about.

If you are still not convinced, even after citing the many reasons why you must travel young; it’s clear that you have some fear that you want to hide. You don’t want others to think that you are a coward because you can’t handle it. Is there a fear for heights? Fear of the unknowable? Fear of the unknown or being independent? Whatever it is, traveling, particularly alone, will help you to overcome that fear. You have to take a big leap of confidence and take the first step in order to make traveling dreams come true. You only get to live once and you only have a limited amount of time to travel.

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