Unveiling the World's Hidden Gems

Why do we have to travel? Why is it more important than ever to travel and experience a new environment? Traveling can be necessary for our emotional health.

Many people underestimate how important travel is. Travel is more than just entertainment. Travel is now more than a choice, given our lifestyles and work conditions. It’s about more than having fun. Augustine said that the world is a “book” and those without travel can only read a single page. Travel allows you to do things that are not possible in your everyday life. You can do more things when you are travelling. You get to go outside, away from computers and TVs. Different people travel for different purposes. Some people travel for fun. Others travel as an interest. Traveling is a good way to escape the hectic pace of city life. Robert Louis Stevenson said that some people travel just to move and change. I travel to travel. Mark Twain stated that “Travel is fatal for prejudice, bigotry, narrow-mindedness, and narrowmindedness.” Travel allows people to discover new things, to explore and experience adventure.

Travel is becoming more popular around the world. In fact, the tourism industry has become a major profit-making sector in the global economy. No wonder travel is increasing year by year. According to figures released by the World Travel & Tourism Council WTTC, the tourism industry grew 3% globally in 2012 and contributed $6.6 trillion by direct and/or indirect impact to global GDP. In 2012, international arrivals of tourists reached 1.035 million for the very first time in human history.

Travel can bring you many benefits.

1 Stress Relief:As a result of traveling miles away from the environment you are familiar with, you have more time to relax and take a break. Resting not only your body but also your brain is important. It is a huge relief to know you can wake up whenever you want, without needing an alarm, and without being physically present at your job. You can feel the freedom. Travel is an excellent way to relieve your stress. You get a feeling of excitement as soon as you think about Hawaii or Bali. Travel can be a great way to relieve stress because of this mental peace. Traveling can sometimes be stressful, particularly if there is a lot to see or you meet a lot people. Travel stress differs from home stress in that it is a positive form of stress. Travel stress does NOT include anxiety or worry.

Travel is an excellent way to connect with the natural world, which can be very beneficial for your mental or physical relaxation. Nature is an excellent stimulant to activate your right side of the brain. Stress can be relieved in large part by right brain dominance. When traveling, you will not feel the same urgency as at home. A change of scenery alone can be helpful in relieving stress.

2-Physical Health Benefits:You Move More When Traveling. You will be more active, whether you’re on the subway or walking through the streets in a historic city. By lying on a beach or going swimming, you can get a large dose of vitamin-D from the sun. This is beneficial for your health and for your positive feelings. Outdoor activities that are associated with travel can lower the risk of getting diabetes, reduce cholesterol and lead to weight loss. Some doctors recommend traveling every six to eight months for cardiovascular health. Some studies show that traveling can even improve sleep.

Three Cultural Benefits:Sometimes you need to be anonymous. Sometimes we just want to be free of any responsibility. You can meet new friends and experience new cultures while traveling. You will see how different people reach their goals. You will learn ideas that you had never considered.

4-Relationships Benefits:Traveling in the same company and sharing similar situations and experiences will strengthen your mutual bond. 93% youth aged 8-18 say that travel is a “quality time” they spend with their parents. 3 out of 4 parents think that family vacations can be very beneficial to the family. Meeting new people in a new location can lead to long term relationships for many.

5-HappinessMany associate happiness with travelling. More than 50 percent of adults buy souvenirs to remind them of their vacations. Most travelers take photos of their vacation destinations to help them remember the trips they took that were filled with new sights, delicious food, historic monuments and music. Travel is addictive, particularly if you are wealthy and have plenty of time. It has become an obsession for thousands of individuals around the world.

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