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First Teambuilding of 2014

Continuing with our series on the 2014 TiL Programme, read the first installment on mentor/mentee matching day. When the youth are paired with a mentor, they begin the year long journey with us, and on the 8th of February we

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2014 TIL Programme

We wanted to bring you a series of posts dedicated to how we move through the Transition to Independent Living (TIL) Youth Mentoring Programme. 2014 is our biggest year yet, and by the end of March we will have matched 100 youth with mentors for the year. When we began in 2010 that number was 15.

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Fifth Anniversary Celebration

Last month we hosted our fifth anniversary celebration at Theatre on the Bay in Cape Town and took in a performance of Sunset Boulevard. It was a great opportunity for both past and present mentors and mentees to meet and

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2013 TIL Graduation

We celebrated our 2013 graduation on Saturday, November 16th at the Protea Breakwater Lodge Hotel in Cape Town. This year we decided to have a joint graduation with Virgin Active who ran a series of teambuilding through life skills workshops

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5 Years of SA-YES

Five years ago this week SA-YES was registered in the UK and subsequently in South Africa. Happy birthday SA-YES! It has been an incredible five years. All we knew when we started was that we wanted to provide support for

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Youth Mentoring Across the Globe

A message from Sabine Schmidt, who runs Friends of SA-YES in Germany. After more than one year of mentoring two young people in a home in Germany I was thinking about the difference between youth mentoring in South Africa and

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College Assessment Month


A great opportunity for our mentees has come available from False Bay College, who invite all prospective students to participate in their 2013 assessment month.

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Why We All Need Mentors

“We all need tutors. I strongly believe that in my life, in terms of self satisfaction in my career, there’s no doubt that it’s due in large part to the fantastic mentors I had. [We] all had something in common—chemistry.

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The Positive Effects of Youth Mentoring

Study finds youth that are mentored are “significantly more confident in their academic abilities and considerably less likely to display behavioural problems.”

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A Film About SA-YES

Earlier this year, Future Media, a film company based in Cape Town, produced a short film about SA-YES. In the film we interviewed some of the young people from the TIL programme and their mentors. We were restricted to filming

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