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Cherry Reflects on Friendship and Mentorship, and Mentoring Again in 2017

I had the opportunity to interview a few SAYes mentors from previous years before I embarked on my mentoring experience. When I asked them if they’ll be mentoring again this year, their answers were always something along the lines of,

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Cherry’s Thoughts on Mentoring, and Mentors Volunteering Again

We had another great SAYes mentor ‘meet‑up’ last week. It’s always nice to catch up with other mentors and swap stories. I had a chance to speak with SAYes’ operations director, Andrew Dellis, for quite a while that evening because

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Cherry and Her Mentee Attend Their Fourth KTO Workshop

The gravity of the SAYes mentoring relationship could be felt by everyone who attended this past Saturday’s Key Transition Outcome (KTO) workshop. The focus of the workshop was Living Situation and Citizenship, and we were privileged to hear from a

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Cherry’s Blind Spots and Broaching Sex and Family Planning with her Mentee

How do we talk about uncomfortable things with our mentees? Whether they are 15 or 25, young people need to know how to respond to pressures in their lives and to feel confident that we (as mentors) have their backs

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Cherry and Her Mentee Discuss Forthcoming Exams and Plan Study Time

Getting together with my mentee during the school holidays can be challenging. Without having that regular structure during the rest of the week, it can be difficult to find a focus point during our meetings. I usually let her lead

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Winter Weather and Traffic Disrupt Meetings between Cherry and Her Mentee

We’re halfway through the year now. We’ve had our shortest day and can look forward to longer ones as Cape Town starts to show its coldest side. We drive home in the evenings hopeful that we’ll notice that tiny bit

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Cherry Considers the Emotional Challenges for Mentees During School Holidays

The school holidays are in full swing, and my mentee is visiting her family. It came as a surprise when I learned that the mentees are often still in touch with their families, sometimes staying with them when their schools

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Cherry Ponders Mentor‑Mentee Interactions, and the Age Gap

To act as a mentor in a structured setting where you’re supported and encouraged is quite an amazing experience. I think it carries different complexities for those who have kids of their own and those who have never had children

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Cherry and Her Mentee Attend the Third SAYes KTO Workshop – Sport & Recreation

This past weekend, my mentee and I attended the third SAYes Key Transition Outcome (KTO) workshop which focused on the domain, Sport & Recreation. I think young people often assume that if they aren’t star runners or great at handling

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Cherry and Her Mentee’s ITP and the Domain of Work & Money

This past week, my mentee and I went to work on the other aspects of her Individual Transition Plan (ITP). Over burgers and chilli poppers we talked about her strengths, developed some plans that explore them and then set up

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