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Cherry’s Observations of Her Mentee’s Children’s Home

I wanted to write about something a little different this week, something that I probably never would have engaged with if I hadn’t become involved with SAYes. I’m sure other mentors are also processing this aspect of their experience and

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Cherry Attends the Inaugural SAYes Networking ‘Mixer’

Last week, SAYes held its first networking ‘mixer’. I found it to be such a worthwhile event and I know I wasn’t alone – less than halfway through the evening, SAYes Co‑Founder and Executive Director, Michelle Potter, told me that

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Cherry and Her Mentee Work on Her Individual Transition Plan

Last week my mentee and I finally sat down and worked on her Individual Transition Plan (ITP), which tracks four stages in ten transition domains that SAYes then uses to measure the success of its Transition to Independent Living programme.

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Cherry’s Anxiety About Lack of Progress Turns to Laughter

There are plenty of times during the year when the mentoring relationship is used as a tool, as a guide, when one must follow a plan, capture data, think up trips, plan drop‑in classes or schedule meetings. And then there

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Cherry and Her Mentee Learn More About Money

Last week my mentee and I attended the final session in a set of three SAYes finance workshops run by Mike Purvis, a financial advisor and former SAYes mentor. Budgeting was the final theme and while it was a crucial

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Cherry and Her Mentee Attend a SAYes Finance Workshop

Last week my mentee and I attended a SAYes finance workshop that was specifically aimed at young people who are about to leave the group home environment or who are already living independently. These are youth who might have jobs,

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Cherry and Her Mentee Attend the Second KTO

This past Saturday I went to the second Key Transition Outcome (KTO) workshop with my mentee. Despite the unseasonably warm weather that drew most Capetonians to the beach that day, the workshop was well attended by matched mentors and mentees.

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Cherry and the Two Worlds of Her Mentee

Seventeen is not an easy age for anyone. Now imagine you’re not living with your parents or siblings or anyone related to you. In fact, you’re staying in a group home away from everything that feels like what you know.

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Cherry’s Mentee: School Holidays, Setting Goals and Singing

We are right in the middle of school holidays at the moment so getting together with my mentee has been tricky. Planning meetings while she’s visiting her family is difficult because she doesn’t have a cell phone, so I can’t

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Cherry’s Mentee Attends Her First KTO Workshop

Last weekend was the first 2016 Key Transition Outcome (KTO) workshop held by SAYes in Rondebosch. These two‑hour workshops happen once a month and are attended by the matched mentees and mentors. While the workshops aren’t mandatory, they are clearly

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