Why We All Need Mentors

“We all need tutors. I strongly believe that in my life, in terms of self satisfaction in my career, there’s no doubt that it’s due in large part to the fantastic mentors I had. [We] all had something in common—chemistry. I had the feeling they would do anything for me.”

Maybe not related to the youth of South Africa, but a well respected doctor from Mount Sinai Heart hospital in the United States believes that strong mentorship can lead to lifelong success. In an article for the New York Academy of Sciences Magazine, Dr. Valentin Fuster has had an esteemed career that he credits mentors in his life that have shaped him along the way.

“When people ask me to be a mentor, the first thing they ask is how they can succeed,” he states. “I define success as development of full satisfaction, which is quite different than how general society defines success. I tell them the whole thing is to do the right thing with the right talent and to be fulfilled.”

Dr. Fuster also had these wise words to say about the youth of the world…

“I believe this world will only be changed by young people, and they are the only ones who can take care of this chaos,” he says. “Therefore, I really focus a lot of my efforts on motivation and mentorship and even health for young people.”

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