In South Africa there are over 21,000 children living in 345 registered children's homes.*

At 18 they are forced to leave when government funding ceases.

There is no support system for them and a scarcity of alternative care programmes.

*According to UNICEF

About Our Mentor Programme

About Our Youth Mentoring Programme

We support young people as they make the difficult transition from children's home to independence at the age of 18. We do this by matching them with a volunteer mentor who offers friendship, guidance and positive role modelling. 

Learn About Our Success

Learn About Our Success

The TIL programme has grown tremendously since 2008, both in the number of people served and in positive outcomes. Many of our graduates have gone on to higher education, found jobs and are living independently.

Help Us Make a Difference

Help Us Make a Difference

Our programme depends upon the support of people like you. With your help we can provide mentorship to the next generation of young people throughout the Western Cape and ultimately throughout South Africa.

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” -Carl Jung